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Transform Your Shed or Summerhouse into a Garden Office With the current climate, and many businesses still working from home, we can sometimes be stuck for space in our homes. Why not turn your garden shed into your own home office space? From a summerhouse, to a spacious insulated garden room, separating your work life

1. Building regulations and planning permission When building a property in your garden that will consist of windows and a door (not your plan basic four-walled shed) but your luxury bespoke summerhouses and sheds, you, unfortunately, may need planning permission, the requirements for not needing planning permitting is 2.0m meters away from the boundary of

The Best Garden Design Ideas for Spring   How to create the perfect outdoor space Your garden is a great space which can be used as a relaxing and peaceful getaway from the stresses and strains of modern life. Winter tends to be a slow and mainly dormant time of year for your garden, cold

If you own a shed or summerhouse, or are thinking about purchasing one, then you will probably have your own distinct reason for doing so.  If you are someone who has bought a shed for gardening or simple storage purposes, then your priorities will obviously be quite different. The blogs listed below are not all

It’s an established fact that the British public like to splash out on a garden shed. A survey conducted by Cuprinol (who sponsor the Annual Shed of the Year competition) in 2014, gives a useful insight into just how shed crazy the citizens of the United Kingdom are. 14 million people in the UK own

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